Perceptions of the Elderly seen through Millennial Eyes!


My name is Vanessa Villon, I am a 22-year-old college student studying Psychology. I am of Ecuadorian and British decent, which has allowed me to have different perspectives when looking at the world. I am an avid reader, a pianist, and a fan of karaoke. I hope to bring some informative, thought-provoking, scientific, and entertaining perspectives to this blog. My writing will incorporate the knowledge acquired from my undergraduate career. Specifically, I have taken courses such as Human Development, Psychology of Aging, Social Cognition, Literary Studies: Analysis, and Literary Studies:Theroy and Critiscism.


I was primarily raised  by my Ecuadorian grandmother Virginia Lucilla Villon. From her,  I learned to speak, write, and read Spanish. I learned cultural traditions and perspectives. She raised her ten children in Ecuador during a time of poverty and was able to come to United States. I often wondered how she felt living in the United States as an elderly woman, especially since she was unfamiliar with the language. I worried about her struggles as an aging individual and what stereotypes were already placed on that group. I also had other elderly influences in my upbringing such as  Mike & Dolores Mancini and Rose Martino who helped me to acquire the values, perspectives, and goals I have today. I was inspired to create this blog because of them, while looking at the aging population as a whole. Since I am a millennial, I decided to incorporate social and popular media in analyzing, and interpreting stereotypes of the elderly already placed in the United States and the World.


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